About AirDog Products

PureFlow AirDog® manufactures and supplies AirDog® Fuel Air Separation Systems and Raptor® high performance lift pumps for diesel pick-up trucks.

AirDog II-4G - Building on the AirDog Tradition with the Fourth Generation Fuel Delivery System!
Available Models: AirDog DF-100-4G, DF-165-4G, DF-200-4G
AirDog - The Original Fuel Air Separation System
Available Models: AirDog FP-100, AirDog FP-150
Raptor Fuel Pumps:
Raptor Lift Pumps - Models Raptor RP-100, Raptor RP-150
Raptor Factory Replacement Raptor Pump (FRRP) for Dodge - Available Models: Raptor FRRP-100, Raptor FRRP-150

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